As Sheryl Sandburg said in her recent speech ‘if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship don’t ask what seat. Just get on.’ as cringe as this might sound the recruitment industry is that rocket ship and there are seats waiting to be filled.



Why does the recruitment industry offer such potential for people? Three reasons:

  1. progressive meritocracy
  1. opportunity for control of your earnings and the potential to earn as much as you possibly can
  1. the social perks

These three characteristics CANNOT all be found in one industry anywhere else hence why you need to snap up the opportunity to be part of the recruitment industry.

Many people think that because of the abundance of adverts for recruitment roles it is therefore an easy job role to get into, some have called it a ‘doss’ and or ‘nothing special’ because apparently they heard from a friend that recruiters aren’t credible and there are so many jobs available that anyone can go into it.

This is not true! It is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding. Not just any old desk job but one where you can take part in internal competitions for watches, holidays and handbags. You will always be speaking to people on the phone or out at a client meeting winning new business. This makes working in recruitment as a recruitment consultant a dynamic, exciting role where you are rewarded for being outgoing and hardworking, you are never bored and ALWAYS have some interesting task to do, if it’s closing that deal, finding the diamond in the ruff, or pitching to new clients.

The last thing I wanted when I came out of university was to be in a role where I was watching the clock waiting for 5pm to come along, this (and the potential to earn loads in my first year) was what made me apply for a role in recruitment.


Don’t be a clock watcher be a recruitment consultant and take your seat on the rocket ship!

If you are ready to take your first steps to become a recruitment consultant then get in contact with me or call me on 0203 440 3563 I would love to hear your story and hear your thoughts about where you see yourself and why you want to become a recruitment consultant.

Vine Graduate are a leading recruitment company working with award winning companies who employ people searching for that unique opportunity.

Posted on July 24, 2015 in Blog

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Caroline has recently started her career in Recruitment, previously she has worked as a Ski Instructor, Estate Agent Assistant and Retail Assistant. She graduated from Newcastle University in 2014 where she studied Politics and Sociology. Caroline specialises in finding exciting and promising Graduates to place into and array of different graduate recruitment and sales roles. On the weekend Caroline enjoys going out for dinners and catching up with friends. She also enjoys occasionally watching the rugby however her favourite sport is skiing. Caroline also enjoys watching soap operas and films. +44(0)203 440 3561 or 0770 290 7792
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