‘Sales’? That’s blasphemy

The large part of what I do and here at Vine is finding driven, junior talent to enter the Recruitment industry. It’s a familiar scene, go to a graduate fair or call up a candidate who hasn’t considered the industry and as soon as the word ‘sales’ forms in your mouth, the candidate suddenly is only hear to see another stall or they are looking for a job, just not sales. Why is that?

Yes, I know there is still the stereotype sales person the majority of society have, evoking thoughts of an old school double-glazing salesman – giving it the big, aggressive sell, all smitten with how he used dirty tactics that made him the ‘biggest deal in the history of their industry’ and with all the clichés of how they could sell an ‘i’ trademark to Apple. No disrespect to reputable double-glazing salespeople by the way.


Recruitment is a professional job, you are recruiting on behalf of your client whether they be in Finance or IT to Property or PR/Communications/Media – your credibility will quickly dissolve. You need to be knowledgeable in your market, be able to advise your client and candidate and the rewards can be great in both commission and other incentives such as all-expenses paid holidays across the globe.


Now don’t get me wrong, I know those of us who are looking for sales people who can hold a conversation and engage with the aim of earning them the commission for whatever their heart desires but here lies the problem, and I feel it’s a big one, most candidates somehow have the feeling that letting known such motivations are a taboo. In a time where mainstream definition of success is pretty measured on your finances and status, rightly or wrongly and I want to keep the floodgates closed on that argument please, why keep that to yourself. I am willing to bet that the majority of the candidates that I mentioned earlier at graduate fairs have that drive we are looking for, I know recruitment won’t be for everyone but why can’t we admit our motivations to potential employers?

We speak with many applicants who will always speak about ‘having the right skillset’. OK, in a sense you have marginally tried to sell yourself, but you’re applying for a sales role, we want to see commercial awareness – why is this market attractive? What are you looking to get out of the role which is going to incentivise you to be a success?

If you are looking for a role that is going to satisfy your financial motivations and career aspirations, get in touch 0203 440 3561 or James@vine-consulting.com

Posted on July 3, 2015 in Blog

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James worked within the insurance industry before pursuing a career in recruitment after university and initially spent a brief period in IT recruitment. At Vine Consulting James specialises in helping graduates and sales professionals enter the recruitment industry in London focusing on the IT, Finance, Legal and Pharmaceutical recruitment markets. James@vine-consulting.com +44(0)203 440 3561 or 0770 290 7792
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