That moment your manager announces you will be doing a Secret Santa this year …

Suddenly there is silence across the office, and you can see the panic on every employees face. Sitting at your desk you unfold a piece of paper to reveal who you must buy a present for, you look at the name and panic strikes, you’re thinking ‘I don’t know what I can buy for under £5 that Boris from Accounts is going to like!’

DO NOT PANIC. I have put together a list of the best and worst Secret Santa gifts you can buy … Let’s start with the best.


‘Socks and Sandals’ socks: Not only is this practical for the cold winter months, but they are also super stylish. Whoever you buy these for will be indebted to you forever (I would suggest buying them for whoever works in IT, they will be so happy with you they will help with technical problems immediately rather than waiting for 3 months to fix your computer)

Chocolate IPhone: This is a great Secret Santa present because it tastes good, it looks great and it’s a crowd pleaser! No matter what name is written on that piece of paper you can be almost 99% sure that they are going to love this!



Re-usable Little Miss Sunshine mug: I would be chuffed if I received this gift from my Secret Santa! It looks great, will support me during my dull morning commute, and its reusable! If you buy someone this, not only are you saving the environment, your also saving yourself and your fellows colleagues from a moody co-worker who hasn’t had time to go to Starbucks yet (I suggest buying this for your  manager).

Hand Sanitiser: You’re probably reading this thinking ‘hand sanitiser?! That should definitely be in the list of worst …’ Well think again, if you read the message on this hand sanitiser then really you are doing your colleague a favour! Here at Vine we are constantly in meetings with an array of different people, so the more hand sanitiser the merrier!


Calculator: Yes it’s practical, a necessity, and can be bought for under £5 however it is probably one of the worst Secret Santa gifts you could buy especially if your buying for someone who’s working in the accounting or payroll team, they probably get millions each Christmas!

Deodorant: Above all else this is a suggestively rude Secret Santa present. Some may take this the wrong way and infer that you may be secretly sending them a message that they smell! It’s also quite a boring present that people will have already.


Waterstones gift card: There’s nothing wrong with Waterstones, everyone likes a good read now and then however buying someone a £5 gift card for Secret Santa is a bit of a let-down. Most best-sellers are going to be more then £5, it’s also not very fun (the whole point of Secret Santa!)


I hope this helps! There’s only 9 days until Christmas Eve and everyone leaves the office so get shopping!

For all enquiries about things outside of Secret Santa presents specifically regarding Office Support, Legal and Education recruitment please contact me for more information on the variety of different vacancies I am working on at the moment or to find out how I can assist you find the right graduate/recruiter for your team.

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