The Challenges in the Rec2Rec Market

I’m not one to moan but…..recruitment to recruitment is a tough sector to crack, it is a market saturated with SME’s and one man bands competing against each other in a very tight and candidate lead market. Contrary to this fact, competition for candidates isn’t the main challenge in the market, in fact the main challenge of the Rec2Rec market is testament to the buoyancy of the recruitment industry in the UK currently. In a recovering economy, there is genuine demand across most sectors to partner with recruitment companies. Recruitment firms have experienced benefit; in the 2015 UK Recruitment Index, APSCo and Deloitte found from a participating 200 recruitment companies that 83% of them saw increased net fee income over the past year, up from 69% in 2014. As a consequence, expansion is a high priority, with 71% of participating firms in the study seeking to grow in size. This means despite cold business development never being easy, it is probably near as easy as it gets in any market as recruitment companies are receptive to the idea of partnering with Rec2Rec’s to assist with headcount quotas from junior to senior level. With these facts and stats, what’s there to moan about being a Rec2Rec when the market is so strong?

This is the problem, experienced recruiters are aware of the climate, they know if they have even just over a year’s experience and have billed half decently, they are sought after. This awareness is a result of Rec2Rec’s (including myself) and also internal recruiters tapping consultants on the shoulder, sending InMail’s on LinkedIn, calling through the switchboard approaching them for new opportunities in the market. With so much inbound demand, why does a candidate see the need in using a Rec2Rec, using a middle man to find them a job when they are experts in being middle men finding people jobs!

The irony of the market has to be taken lightly at times too, I’ve pitched exclusivity to candidates who have in return laughed as this is what they do themselves, a Rec2Rec needs to not take themselves too seriously all the time and find humour in the irony of the market! With all this in mind, naturally for a lot of candidates who enter the recruitment job market, the first port of call is to go solo. We as Rec2Rec’s have to combat this mentality, what slips through the pride of recruiters on the search for a new opportunity is that they are experts in their market, not the recruitment market, reputable and successful Rec2Rec’s will take a consultative approach and invest time in meeting with all of their candidates and clients.

Using a Rec2Rec granted won’t make a difference to an increased quantity of interviews for a candidate, but going back to the basics of a candidate service, it will prevent the scattergun approach ensuring experienced recruiters are only introduced to suitable businesses who fulfil the candidates financial, sector, market, desk type and culture requirements. Thankfully, there are a stream of experienced candidates who recognise this and approach Rec2Rec’s for assistance, I find the recruiters who appreciate the services of a Rec2Rec are the recruiters who take pride in the service that they provide for their candidates themselves, the recruiters who are anti Rec2Rec don’t respect and take pride in the service they provide to their candidates and clients and have a transactional mentality subordinating relationships and assume all Rec2Rec’s have the same code of conduct. In essence, with so many businesses in the market growing and screaming out for raw talent and experience, the key to success for a Rec2Rec is network; referrals, recommendations and reputation are integral for candidate generation as a Rec2Rec.

These three R’s create a stream of candidates that are appreciative of the service, overlooking the ease of arranging interviews directly with companies by positive recommendations from friends or positive word of mouth in the market about a Rec2Rec. If you or someone you know wants to investigate options in the London recruitment market please contact me for a confidential discussion 0203 440 3562 or 079218 35611 Vine Consulting pay £600 per referral placed.

Posted on October 21, 2015 in Blog

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Nick has specialised in placing graduates and experienced professionals into recruitment consultancy and B2B sales roles since August 2014 after graduating from The University of Leicester. Nick partners with clients ranging from FTSE 250 listed businesses to Times Top 100 Small accredited companies within a wide range of sectors, inviting candidates to explore the differences between each sector to understand what’s best for them. Nick is a huge Chelsea fan and regularly attends matches and has a big passion for football. Other interests include music of all genres, films, good television, cricket, tennis and snooker! He would describe himself as sociable, lively and friendly. 0203 440 356 or 07921 835 611
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